Day Eight - 50 miles down, 2144.2 to go

Updated: Apr 23

Friday, April 1, 2022

Whitley Gap Shelter (MM 38.0) - Blue Mountain Shelter (MM 50.1)

NOTE: We are currently hiking through the homelands of the ᏣᎳᎫᏪᏘᏱ (Tsalaguwetiyi/Cherokee) people. While some remained, most of the ᏣᎳᎫᏪᏘᏱ were forcibly removed from these lands by white settlers, beginning with the Spanish in 1539 and culminating in 1850 with the United States' program of ethnic cleansing called the Trail of Tears. ᏣᎳᎫᏪᏘᏱ people continue to live here and are actively working on reclaiming sacred sites and stolen land. You can learn more about the ᏣᎳᎩᏱ ᏕᏣᏓᏂᎸᎩ / Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians by visiting:

Today was a longish day and a slightly sad one. Clutch's ankle was rolled yesterday and following a series of rolls over the hike, she decided to go off trail for awhile to get it checked and healed up. We already miss her! We hiked 1.2 miles out of Whitley Gap Shelter and then back on the Appalachian Trail. We got down to Hog Pen Gap around 10:00 AM.

Justin was very excited to enter the Mark Trail Wilderness.

We entered the Mark Trail Wilderness, got to Low Gap Shelter at about 11:50 AM, and had lunch. Bear Man, Foodie (Dan now has a trail name!), and many others were there. We enjoyed the conversation and company, so we didn't leave the shelter site until about 1:30 PM.

Most of the trail between here and Chattahoochee Gap seemed to be on an abandoned US Forest Service road, which allowed a gradual climb in our hike for a few hours. We came across a few beautiful water sources.

Once we reached Blue Mountain Shelter, we celebrated having hiked 50 miles of the Appalachian Trail! Only 2144.2 to go. Another magnificent sunset this evening.